Things I love about Fall !

Heyo people ! Welcome or welcome back to my blog !!!

So guys ! Since it is fall …I thought why not doing a fall themed post in which I share my own thoughts about fall and more precisely the things that I really like about this season ! Shall we start then !?

Well,here we go !!!

The first thing and the most basic stuff about fall ! Are those pretty brownish-reddish autumn leaves ! OMG ! I find them really attractive and beautiful … those autumn tree leaves are just WOW 😍 !

Also, as for the view I think that is so suitable for artistic themed photography shots ! Mysterious, Gothic yet cozy kinda stuff !

Next, the fact that you can see almost the exact four seasons through out the same day ! I don’t know about you guys ! But here in Algeria during fall time it is the case : the morning is so autumn ! The noon is so summery ! The afternoon is so spring alike ! Yet the night is so winter kinda time ! Especially during October !

I Also like those special moments when I watch a good autumn themed movie while enjoying a cup of tea and feeling cozy and relaxed! OMG ! I can’t even 😍 …. That unique , warm feeling got me every single time ! Like… I don’t want this to end !!!!

Well that was everything about today’s post !!! What about you guys ! What are your thoughts about fall ! Please don’t forget to share them in the comment section down below πŸ‘‡

Thank you so much guys for stopping by ! Love you all πŸ’œ ! Bye for now !!! See you next time !!!!

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By the way ,I’d love to thank the beautiful “Sabreen” from “Sabreendiaries” For nominating me for the sunshine blogger award You can check out her post here .So exiting right !! Well thank you dear “Sabreen” πŸ’œ please go and check out her lovely blog where she shares really helpful lifestyle/beauty posts as a mom ! And guess what !she talks also about her life in jeddah ! If you want to know more please go and check out her blog πŸ‘‰ Sabreendiaries .


15 thoughts on “Things I love about Fall !”

  1. Hey ! Fall is my favorite season with spring because the weather is not hot like summer and it’s not cold yet, the colors are beautiful, the light is heavenly.. Thank you for following me !! … See you next time !!!

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