I can say that I've been obssessed with notebooks and journals since forever... Writing has always been my thing. Emptying my head in a piece of paper is my favourite relieve as I can feel my head and shoulders got lighter and relieved while doing so. I like keeping a journal or notebook wherever I… Continue reading NOTEBOOKS AND JOURNALS


I've started this blog in 2016... October 2016 to be more precise. I was a student in uni at the time... I documented some of my journey and thoughts I had back then... I'm always happy and thrilled to go back to re-read those pages... Throughout these years, I've changed my blog's name multiple times...… Continue reading REMINISCING


Our brains are ought to receive zillions of content matters every single day.... Those little pointless details can shape who we are. Content comes under various forms, it could be: a movie, a poster, a picture, a video, an ad, a Tv commercial, news, a line within a show, a short video on ticktock, a… Continue reading CAREFUL WITH WHAT WE PUT IN OUR MINDS

On A Slower Pace

Embracing the slow living is giving so much meaning to my daily life. Enjoying the little details of my day has dramatically changed my perspective towards life and taught me how the simplest little aspects out there can make me feel happy and amazed. This is 2020, and everything seemed to slow down after years… Continue reading On A Slower Pace

The Art of Slow Living

Hello everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog ^^ In today's post I will talk about a lifestyle that I'm truly appreciating and geneunly loving these past few months... I think my life has got to be more meaningful ever since I've started living on a slower pace. First thing's first, since many of… Continue reading The Art of Slow Living

University Summarized

Hello everyone! Welcome to my mini blogging space! In today's post, I thought I'd share with you guys few pieces of advice as well as some university tips for freshmen or basically any other uni student who would like to level up the game a little bit and get the most out of their uni… Continue reading University Summarized

Reviving My Lost Passions

Growing up I had so many hobbies from reading to sketching and drawing to playing sports to dacing to writing poetry to exploring new places or even going to art salons but sadly some hobbies starts dying on the side of the road on my way growing up from a kid to an adult

Lifestyle Rules To Live By

Well, throughout the past years I was working consistently on improving my lifestyle without pushing it too far and make things harder for myself.


Studying takes a huge part of most young people's daily life which means going back and forth to and from educational institutions is pretty much what they do most of the time. However, we can notice that some students are doing better than others, and are able to get higher grades while their peers seem… Continue reading CHEAT SHEET: STUDY SECRETS ONLY HONOR STUDENTS KNOW AND MASTER


The word "Aesthetic" is concerned with the deep appreciation of art and beauty, but also could mean "A set of principles underlying the work of a particular artist or artistic movement" (Oxford dictionary). Living an aesthetic life could be personalized and interpreted into concrete aspects of a one's own life (colors, lines, sounds, shapes, clothing,… Continue reading MY TAKE ON AN “AESTHETIC LIFE” PHILOSOPHY