Starting a minimalist lifestyle !

Hello everyone ! Welcome or welcome back to my blog  πŸ™Œ

Well guys I’ve started a new lifestyle …like for a while now ! ( since last May I’ve began to show some interest to this lifestyle yet I’ve started to apply it last july   )… So,yeah ! I am so in love with the minimalist lifestyle like everything that has to do with clean,fresh,organized atmosphere , I am not a complete minimalist person yet but I am on my way to it !like I am doing my best to get the concept well !

( Though , I can’t help the minimalist eating habits  ! Like c’mon…life is so short and we need to enjoy some food out there !! )

My story :

So back to my minimalist lifestyle story , basically I was kinda lost…and I couldn’t decide which style I should appreciate the most ,like who am I ? , what I like especially as a style ? ,what are my favourite colors so far ?! Like literally… I was looking for myself , like who am I as a person !?

So I jotted down on a clean paper some criteria of what I really want and then I highlighted some important points which are: things that catch my eyes first when I look at pictures and what makes me prefer one picture rather than the other one and I’ve found that :

-I love ART !

-I love clean spaces.

-Bright theme

-Black and white 

-Fresh atmosphere

-less stuff

-edgy concepts

Of course there are so many other points but the said above were the most important ones to me !

So I did some researches and I found out about this lifestyle… Basically I thought that it is just one of pinterest or instagram’s themes ! But when I read more about it and watched tons of minimalist YouTube videos ! I felt so relaxed and sure that this is what I want ! I was amazed by the way in which this lifestyle could manage different aspects of a one’s life !

To be honest,before I even notice this unique lifestyle and before knowing anything about it’s principles …I was unconsciously applying some of the basic principles of the “minimalism” lifestyle in my daily life especially staring from last spring like : less is more ,I don’t usually wear popping colors ,I love artistic stuffs….

Areas of life where I’m already applying minimalism :

-My closet : it is so minimalist 

Not massive haul but pretty pieces which are mostly :black,white,grey I also have some pieces in the color nude but guess what ! The only actual color that I got in closet is :Burgundy !!!

– Economically speaking, I stopped purchasing random stuff just for the sake of buying them ! So before I purchase anything I ask myself few questions : Do I really need them ?What kind of value they would add to my life ? would I actually use them ?  All of those questions.

-Makeup : tho I am a huge makeup lover but I stopped purchasing random makeup products from stores …and I’ve started to do some researches about almost every single item before getting it and make sure that I am going to actually use it ! Because one of my bad habits as a makeup lover is that I only buy makeup for the sake of getting more makeup _see! Well that was the old me but I decided to stop this and only get what I actually need !

-My room .

-Also for my Instagram feed…feel free to check it out @Lavender_iz

If you have more questions or if you have ideas about posts that you’d like me to do please feel free to mention that in the comments section !

Well guys that was everything for today …thank you so much for stopping by ! Bye for now and I’ll see you in my next post ! BYE 😘

                         .  NALY 😘

123 thoughts on “Starting a minimalist lifestyle !”

  1. As someone with a pack rat for a mother, I embraced this minimalist style. I have color in my closet but only have 33 items. I don’t wear makeup other than lipstick and eyeliner (used to wear mascara but my allergies weren’t having it), and have gotten down to only furniture I actually use all the time. I love it!

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    1. Aw thank you so much 😍 ! As for the minimalism !!! You should definitely watch/read about I think that it might inspire you in some aspects in your life as well !! πŸ˜‰

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  2. That’s an amazing decision, and good luxk with it ❀️ i try to go for that lifestyle too but honestly it’s so hard because I LOVE shopping. I don’t spend my money as much as i used to but still!

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    1. I love shopping myself !! But in the end of the day it is all about priorities ! I used to buy so many unnecessary stuffs : clothes,makeup,shoes……ect ! Which I will never use ! ,so I was buying them for the sake of buying them and I ask myself why did I got these ! So since I’ve learned about this lifestyle I’ve started to buy only what I really need and what is really worthy to be own (by reading reviews about products and stuff ) ! So shopping is not completely forbidden I guess !

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  3. I definitely relate to the minimalist lifestyle; I don’t own anything I don’t need, and most surfaces in my bedroom are free from lots of clutter. My bedroom has a white theme, white furniture and white walls. I find it very calming and relaxing to have a space which is easily made tidy and clean because of its minimalism. I especially love having my desk very minimalistic, it creates a very relaxing workspace – I’ve stopped buying things I don’t need too and only invest in quality fashion pieces and not β€˜fast-fashion’. This is a really interesting post and I enjoyed reading it😊

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    1. Aw great ! What you have said is just awesome😍 ! I definitely can relate to what you’ve mentioned clean and fresh spaces are just relaxing ! And yeah ! For fashion, I do that too, I focus on the quality and on getting timeless pieces rather that trendy pieces that might disappear by tomorrow morning πŸ˜‰ thank you so much for stopping by 😊

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    1. Hey there !Thank you so much 😊 I’d love to do that ! Same here I love to see how others are applying minimalist : their lifestyle, rooms,closets….ect


  4. I don’t really have this lifestyle but my aesthetic is minimal, black and white with tan. I tried to get into that lifestyle but…I love shopping and having a minimal untidy environment around me! So, I just stop working on it and started working on my aesthetic developing it! However, good luck for you new lifestyle! xx

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      1. Sure thing! You’ll kind of get an idea in my instagram but I haven’t still totally developed it according to it, still trying….xx πŸ™‚


  5. As I just moved to a new place with the bf we both got loads of stuff and we had to compromise and throw lots of things out and basically we only have the basic, minimal things we need. It was really eye opening to see that we don’t actually use things just own them. Minimalism is definitely a good way to go!

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    1. Yeah ! I agree Minimalism is a very cool lifestyle that focuses on appreciating the little things you have rather than wasting your money on random stuff while shopping for the sake of shopping πŸ˜‰ Good luck with the new lifestyle !!!!

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      1. minimalism is a great state of mind, your allowing your goals and passions take your priority then your possessions! i too am new to minimalism and learning the ropes and seeing how it works for me i really hope and wish the best in your experiences!

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      2. I love what you’ve said about the philosophy of minimalism and you are 100% rightπŸ’ͺ ! Good luck with your journeyπŸ˜‡


    1. Aw ! Thank you so much !!! Yeah ! Clean Sheet of paper is always my number one escape when I ‘m lost and can’t be decided about something !!!😊


    1. Aw ! Great ! Good luck with your journey then πŸ’ͺ wish you a good experience with minimalism… And thank you so much for your kind words πŸ˜‡


  6. Minimalism changed my life for the better! I’m not perfect by far… but that’s not the point of minimalism!! Good luck with your journey 😊 P.s declutter gets addictive lol!!

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    1. thanks! and your right being perfect is so not the point of minimalism, and i noticed all i can think about now is what i want to cut back now haha

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    2. Aw ! Yeah ! Perfection is not the point of minimalismπŸ’ͺ ! And glad to know that it helped you out …good with your journey too πŸ˜‡


  7. I too have been embracing the minimalist lifestyle! Something I’ve been doing is β€œone for one”, if I get something, I try to get rid of another thing I already have. Researching make up products before you buy them helps for SURE! Thanks for sharing!

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  8. I’m working on my own minimalist journey as well. I am working on my closet most of all, trying to make things easier on myself to get dressed in the morning!

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    1. Aw ! Thanks a lot 😍!! Yeah ! I agree minimalism is just awesome and help us setting pretty much the everyday life priorities 😳


  9. Writing down. That is always a good place to start. Writing down the things you want to do, I think it’s a major step to get you doing what you want to do. Weldone with your minimalist journey so far, I think being minimal can sometimes mean more clarity

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  10. Omg yes!!! I love the idea of a minimalist lifestyle? I’ve been trying to reorganize my place, I would love to hear your ideas. Btw your Instagram is amazing!!!! Check out my page if you have a chance ✨
    Follow me on Instagram:@violetta_krotova

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  11. Nice bIog post and topic! πŸ™‚ I also read about this minimalist lifestyle and watch some video from youtube. I think it’s great way to clean up the home, wardrobes and life. Minimalist lifestyle ‘inventors’ or facebook site is awesome. I have to do more work for this lifestyle. I think it’s good thing to think about life, what you want to keep and reduce. It gives serenity back and add more a peaceful life. πŸ™‚

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    1. Aw thank you so much darling 😻 And yeah certainty minimalism is a geat lifestyle that helps not to only clean up a one’s place but also his/her mind !

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  12. I hope to apply a more minimalist approach to my life this year as well. I’m going to clean out my closet and donate things I don’t wear. I’m a cup hoarder so I have about 75 different coffee cups, I looooce cute and fun cups, but no more spending on those either.

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  13. Thank you so much for this post, I have been wanting to live the minimalist lifestyle for a long time now so I think 2018 is the year to strive for it, thank you! xx

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  14. It’s interesting how different people are! You say you like clean spaces and black and white and that you asked yourself in general what you do like and I never asked myself that question before when it comes to colours and designs and everything and what inspires you in pictures, so I asked myself that question after reading your post and it really helps I think! Thank you!

    xxx Julia (for the germans out here)

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  15. I feel like the closet is the easiest place to start! When I wanted to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle I started with my closet and eight bags later, I had a closet filled with things I actually wear!

    Now to figure out how to eliminate the amount of trash I have…

    Awesome read, Naly!

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    1. Aw ! Yeah ! I think that this is cool as well ! I’d love to investigate about your current lifestyle as well ! Thanks for stopping by 😊


  16. Very nice! I must say it does help not to have your bedroom filled with random staff you don’t need or even forget about, sometimes. And it does help with saving on clothes! I now don’t buy anything unless I really do need it. Gone are payday shopping days, haha!

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  17. I would love to practice this……i love shopping too much and its really making it hard to save money. I should make this a resolution….its not too late for that right!? πŸ™‚

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