Let's start fresh 🧼 Let's Wash off that dirt people have thrown at us and get clean Let's wash down with soap all the adjectives we bullied ourselves with Let's wash off all the doubts about the future and dive into the moment Let's wash our tongues with soap to get rid of all the… Continue reading SOAP


Some thoughts keep tickling my cerebral annoyingly...Wana make them crumble like some useless draft papers... Maybe I can do that! Let's murder that thought with how fun we can have in life, show it how hard we can dance with our bare feet under the rain, soap those doubts away, place them neatly in a… Continue reading BURY A THOUGHT


I can say that I've been obssessed with notebooks and journals since forever... Writing has always been my thing. Emptying my head in a piece of paper is my favourite relieve as I can feel my head and shoulders got lighter and relieved while doing so. I like keeping a journal or notebook wherever I… Continue reading NOTEBOOKS AND JOURNALS


Our brains are ought to receive zillions of content matters every single day.... Those little pointless details can shape who we are. Content comes under various forms, it could be: a movie, a poster, a picture, a video, an ad, a Tv commercial, news, a line within a show, a short video on ticktock, a… Continue reading CAREFUL WITH WHAT WE PUT IN OUR MINDS

Wet Cardigans Club II

I'm hollow like the 70's bohemians My braids are getting looser from napping for hours now I stopped checking on what day of the month it is today The only number I'm checking on is my cell phones's battery Reading my classic literature books with my sleepy eyes I see the world through my neutral-colored… Continue reading Wet Cardigans Club II

Wet cardigans club I

Getting home and getting clean Sitting calmly in a circle With my deepest thoughts Sleepless nights Sleeveless dress Awakened passion Sparkling tiny stars in my eyes A hot mud cup of tea Heavy rain Words came by easy that one night As I typed them down My complex web of fears, Dances by my window… Continue reading Wet cardigans club I

On A Slower Pace

Embracing the slow living is giving so much meaning to my daily life. Enjoying the little details of my day has dramatically changed my perspective towards life and taught me how the simplest little aspects out there can make me feel happy and amazed. This is 2020, and everything seemed to slow down after years… Continue reading On A Slower Pace

A Clock Freezing

Although the major lockdown in my country is quite depressing especially when thinking about the suffering souls out there and the blurry vision concerning the future of the human race...yet in the other hand, I feel like it has given me some inner peace that got me feeling like I've got all of the time… Continue reading A Clock Freezing