The only one allowed to define me is me, the only definition i'm approving about me is mine and you're getting none to begin with. I don't let anybody's definition about me get to my head whether it's a good or bad one. I'm not a one dimensional character in a book you can simply… Continue reading Definitions

Reliable Narrators

No human is a reliable narrator. The way we view things differs from one to another. How we feel about the world differs from one another. Based on: our cultural backgrounds, brought up ways, inner angst, relationship with ourselves and other humans, education, religion and beliefs, personal experiences, financial conditions, motives, mental/ physical health conditions,… Continue reading Reliable Narrators


Shivery bonesRivery eyes or downfalls I guessSome salty taste in my mouthLicking my lips to get more of itTo taste the bitterness I believe,Blurry visionGazing through the puzzle of your soulPitch black is the lightest shade I knowSensing my ribs as I feel them stretching out,Stroking the cheeks I thought I had in front of… Continue reading Glitch


Practicing speeches for the rain outside my window where the raindrops are my audience... reading second hand books and be lost in my imagination... having nothing but empty pockets... listening curiously to the heated debates of the wind waves of my hometown's blue sea... dancing passionately under the downpour with my umbrella... watching the outside… Continue reading ARTSY CREATURES