Lifestyle Rules To Live By

Well, throughout the past years I was working consistently on improving my lifestyle without pushing it too far and make things harder for myself.

5 Things to Start a Fresh Semester

Heyo everyone!!! I hope you are all doing well !! In this post I thought it would be a good idea to talk about SCHOOL!...yes,schoolish stuff 📚📓...and more precisely ways to start a new fresh semester full with success and high grades...well,let get started !!!! 1-Evaluate your previous semester:            … Continue reading 5 Things to Start a Fresh Semester

Bye Bye 2016…!!!

Dear 2016, you are kinda packing your bags to leave us forever. Few years ago, I thought you’ll never get here…but here you,your mission is over and you gotta leave now and forever. There were 12 months,365days and uncountable number of hours and seconds…full of challenges,sadness,joy and experiences. Although there were no big opportunities… Continue reading Bye Bye 2016…!!!