5 Tips to boost your grades this semester (Classroom edition)

  Heyo everyone!!! Welcome back to my blog !!! I hope you are all doing great!!! In this post I'll share with you my top 5 study tips (Classroom edition) to get higher grades this semester...well, I believe that these tips are very helpful because they will help you to study smarter not harder!!!    Well… Continue reading 5 Tips to boost your grades this semester (Classroom edition)

101 Random Thoughts #2

Empty rooms,dark circles,old doors,open windows. I walked in and started to wonder should I fight or just surrender. Although,I couldn't keep quiet yet,I couldn't scream out loud ....I couldn't shout....I felt chained up...all those chains were holding me so freaking tight.All those empty dark rooms made me sick...same darkness, same voices,same old lies.I turned around… Continue reading 101 Random Thoughts #2

101 Random Thoughts

  It was a cold winter day, you are enjoying the view of that downpour..those pretty snow flakes.Everything is grey,dark and sad...Actually,you've never heard silence quiet this loud.You walk in ...All what you can see...Dark souls.All you can hear...Hoots.All what you can smell...rotten souls of fakers.all what you can touch is...the ugly truth.All what you… Continue reading 101 Random Thoughts

5 Things to Start a Fresh Semester

Heyo everyone!!! I hope you are all doing well !! In this post I thought it would be a good idea to talk about SCHOOL!...yes,schoolish stuff 📚📓...and more precisely ways to start a new fresh semester full with success and high grades...well,let get started !!!! 1-Evaluate your previous semester:            … Continue reading 5 Things to Start a Fresh Semester

Love Yourself

Heyo, ma beauties!!!Welcome back to my blog! I hope you are all doing great 😇!!well,in today's post I thought I'd get a little too deep by talking about one of the most important topics in the progress of the human being ,that is :Loving Yourself. Loving yourself may sound like a weird term,but actually it… Continue reading Love Yourself

My 5 ways to get longer eyelashes!!

     Hello there!Hi everyone!!!! I hope you are all doing great!! Well,today's post is going to be about few simple steps👣 that will help you to get long eyelashes in a short period of time⌚ ...based on my personal experience😇.If you want to know more ,keep reading📰 because it is the only way to… Continue reading My 5 ways to get longer eyelashes!!