I have been a minimist for around 2 years and a half now, which means I am no longer a rookie in the field and by the way, deciding to adopt minimalism was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Years ago, I did not have that signature style that screams so me… Continue reading BENEFITS OF A CAPSULE WARDROBE


Yo! My friends from the internet. So, as most of you already know... I graduated from university last June. Actually, during the time I was working on my master's dissertation, I thought my life is going to be literally "La vie en rose" after university I mean I thought I'd find my dream job in… Continue reading EVERYTHING WRONG WITH MY POST GRADUATION LIFE


HAPPY AUGUST!! Hello everyone welcome or welcome back to my blog!!! I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! Well first of all, I changed my blog's name as I use to run it under the name: itsNaly. However, I decided to blog using my real name: Lina, because I like my real name more so why not use… Continue reading CHATTY LIFE UPDATE: I’M BACK

“Social media” fever

Hey loves,in this post I will share some thoughts about social media if you want to know more ..keep reading ! Many internet users girls and boys ...are falling every second into the trap of fake perfection represented by high profile social media users...many got addicted to the perfectionist image that they see behind not… Continue reading “Social media” fever

A life’s Puzzle : 101 Random thoughts #8

Sometimes all you need is ... A peaceful joyful atmosphere.. A place where your tired soul ... Is desperately aiming at reaching... You keep looking ... And looking... But once you are there... You keep waiting for... For something...or maybe someone Seasons will pass you by ... Life's puzzle is a no joke... Always...looking for… Continue reading A life’s Puzzle : 101 Random thoughts #8

101 Random Thoughts

  It was a cold winter day, you are enjoying the view of that downpour..those pretty snow flakes.Everything is grey,dark and sad...Actually,you've never heard silence quiet this loud.You walk in ...All what you can see...Dark souls.All you can hear...Hoots.All what you can smell...rotten souls of fakers.all what you can touch is...the ugly truth.All what you… Continue reading 101 Random Thoughts

Bye Bye 2016…!!!

Dear 2016, you are kinda packing your bags to leave us forever. Few years ago, I thought you’ll never get here…but here you,your mission is over and you gotta leave now and forever. There were 12 months,365days and uncountable number of hours and seconds…full of challenges,sadness,joy and experiences. Although there were no big opportunities… Continue reading Bye Bye 2016…!!!

My 5 brands’ wish list

 Hello there!!!hope you are all doing great!!!!  I live in a country that is far from South Korea,yet I'm in love with their culture and of course I'm a big fan of the amazing makeup wave that is super trendy there.So here's my 5 brands' wish list that I really wanna give their products… Continue reading My 5 brands’ wish list