101 Random Thoughts #6

When you are trying to be cool by hanging out with people whom are very far from who you are truly and you realize that you are falling down so hard because of your wrong choices

101 Random Thoughts #2

Empty rooms,dark circles,old doors,open windows. I walked in and started to wonder should I fight or just surrender. Although,I couldn't keep quiet yet,I couldn't scream out loud ....I couldn't shout....I felt chained up...all those chains were holding me so freaking tight.All those empty dark rooms made me sick...same darkness, same voices,same old lies.I turned around… Continue reading 101 Random Thoughts #2

101 Random Thoughts

  It was a cold winter day, you are enjoying the view of that downpour..those pretty snow flakes.Everything is grey,dark and sad...Actually,you've never heard silence quiet this loud.You walk in ...All what you can see...Dark souls.All you can hear...Hoots.All what you can smell...rotten souls of fakers.all what you can touch is...the ugly truth.All what you… Continue reading 101 Random Thoughts