I’ve started this blog in 2016… October 2016 to be more precise. I was a student in uni at the time… I documented some of my journey and thoughts I had back then… I’m always happy and thrilled to go back to re-read those pages… Throughout these years, I’ve changed my blog’s name multiple times… Dunno why I exactly kept doing so! but I just did it a lot… I’ve always considered it my own little corner where I can express myself freely and just do whatever I feel like it… I also, took multiple breaks and sometimes I would stop posting in here for several months but I’ve never actually thought about giving up on this tiny part of me… I don’t write quite often just because I have nothing to say or add I don’t want this blog to feel forced… I never treated this place as “a have to do it” kind of thing I never schedule stuff here… I also put this place on hold to collect my thoughts and continue living my real life away from the internet but I ALWAYS eventually comeback to leave some words here… This place is my own creation, this placee has always been a creative outlet for me … There used to be a lot of people stopping by everyday throughout the years… Some, still do… And I am extremely grateful for every single person who have ever clicked and got into this blog… This place is not perfect neither do I… I don’t want it to be perfect either I just want it to be raw, authentic, and ME in every little word I leave in here… I’ve grown a lot since my beginnings here and I am no longer a student (as I officially graduated by July 2019) but this blog is still here not that active but it’s here… I see the world from a different angle, I do stuff differently but it’s always me improving and growing up as a human being and I will continue to do so… I am a young adult now and so exited to expand my horizons and test out my limits.

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