Our brains are ought to receive zillions of content matters every single day…. Those little pointless details can shape who we are.

Content comes under various forms, it could be: a movie, a poster, a picture, a video, an ad, a Tv commercial, news, a line within a show, a short video on ticktock, a board on Pinterest, a Facebook post, a tweet, a song, a comment on Quora or Reddit…..

We are designed to influence and get influenced, to inspire and get inspired. Thus, neglecting the sources and hidden intentions of the sum of information we are to feed our brains with… can be of fatal consequences.

Millions of young people around the world are consuming internet content recklessly and purposelessly. We came to normalize the odd, to accept the wrong, to judge the norm, to live to please and impress, to ignore and irrespect the elders and believe them to be old fashioned creatures whom are not worthy of our time…

Our brains are filled with nonsense ideas. Designed to shape the new generation’s orientation and beliefs.

People’ subconsciously grew to believe loads of toxic ideas and learned to acquire toxic behaviors willinglessly. The unrealistic beauty standards that are making people hate their natural born-with features. Also, the new dictionary of being extremely rude and get called sassy or queen, never respect others’ points of view and get the adjective: critical thinker or intellectual…. People are naming the wrong stuff and grew to believe things as they are served to them.

Staying away from social media and internet in general can be impossible for us… but what is possible is to control the hours we spend checking them… by limiting our access to such content we are to be our more authentic an edited ourselves. Also, block and unfollow everyone and any account that makes your feel unworthy or make you feel bad or sad about your life…. Take control over what you are about to consume.

Sure, getting inspired is wonderful but getting unconsciously influenced is horrible… save yourselves before it’s too late.

Instagram: @learuzu

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