On A Slower Pace

Embracing the slow living is giving so much meaning to my daily life. Enjoying the little details of my day has dramatically changed my perspective towards life and taught me how the simplest little aspects out there can make me feel happy and amazed.

This is 2020, and everything seemed to slow down after years of living on a crazy speed missing precious moments, skipping amazing people on the way and ignoring our inner-self calls for peace. This is not the most peaceful year to start with since everything seems so messed lately but for the healthy people out there reflecting on their past actions, re-prioritizing stuff in their life, appreciating stuff they have been blindfolded to see for decades now because of the fast pace of living.

Personally, I’ve started to embrace the slow living lifestyle exactly a year ago and I am loving the peace it is offering me. I am no more competing with others or feeling the need of getting back on track…After I graduated, I am no more a university student who consistently feels the urgent need of stepping ahead in the game every now and then…Now, I am a student of life I am learning to live a life which I am proud of…. I am so sick of missing and skipping the little details, joys and the simple luxuries of my daily life. It is my life and I want to enjoy it to the fullest in peace and be fully conscious about it…. Slowly but surely that’s how I want things to go for me.

Instagram: @learuzu

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