How are you? …. major shutdown

Hello my friends from the internet…. It has been a while since you’ve last heard from me.

I’m writing this to check on you… How are you feeling? How are you doing?… I hope you are all doing just fine in these rough times… Please, don’t forget…. We are all in this together.

Time seems like it has stopped for the majority. For some it seems like time and days don’t matter anymore… But for the suffering souls timing is all that matters…. Ironically, the world deconstructed down into these two main categories concerning timing.

Frankly, the humanity is stuck in a dark spot… A long moment of uncertainty. Everything seem to be so messed up and our future is unexplainably blurry. Literally, no one knows exactly what’s going on but a little hope won’t kill us. So, let’s hang on and be responsible and act like grown ups instead of ignoring the situation or mocking it by doing our daily tasks as if nothing is going on right now… This darkness won’t fade like that… Solitude is indeed a requirement in such situations.

Hundreds of city streets on the planet and are now hollow and empty as it time froze. With such a dramatic lockdown life seemed to stop and mother earth seemed to quit spinning around.

Personally, today is my 20’th day in quarantine or the so called social distancing or complete isolation or whatever name you want to give it. But I can see this going longer longer in terms of isolation…. But anyways let’s just pray for the best.

Stay safe everyone!

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