Random thoughts #10

Sunbathing under the moonlight

And stargazing in the afternoon

We have never tasted alcohol

But we get drunk from iced coffee

Doing the ugly cry thing

While dancing to the heavy beats of silence

Glowing from the tears of mascara

Now our dark circles are the new blush

Walking on the broken glass that shines like polished ambers

They tickle but can’t hurt us anymore

Laughing like the world is gonna end

Playing hide and seek in the dark

And getting thirsty for the title of the noble courageous soldier

Making fun of the monster under the big tree

And smiling out of terror

The fresh breeze is to feed our pure souls with troubles

Summer nights seemed everlasting back then

And the warm weather cooled our young bodies

Please let’s keep it that way till the blood in our vains dries and fades

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