Random Thoughts #9

I am just a kid

Dancing in the wrong spot

To the wrong rhythm

Trying to pretend that everything is alright

It it is not,

I know that for sure, in the back of my head

I always knew that


Pretending… is fine for me

So what,

We lie to ourselves

We create a world that doesn’t exist

So what,

We design our truth ,

We shape who we are,

We taste the bittersweet reality

We don’t like it

But, still live with it

No wallet envy

In this crooked palace

Playing war and peace with my mind

I am the lead actress

With an arbitrary sinario

Dropped into the middle of Saint Petersburg

Hello my Prince Aleskei

Waking up to the seven a. m alarm

Morning, sunshine

Time to hit the walls again

Here we go again

Let’s be friends

Instagram: @learuzu

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #9”

  1. I wrote often, we are just butterflies, flowing with the wind. Around and around, we shall go. Hoping we find a proper ending.
    “Time to hit the walls again
    Here we go again”
    Dear Lina. I did liked your words and thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

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