Random thoughts #8

Feeling like I’m drowning
This thing is suffocating
I’m loosing it all
Can’t feel my peace anymore
Missing my childish thoughts
And the authentic me
The creative and outstanding me
I know it is time
But I don’t want to acknowledge it
Diving in my thoughts
Think I need to trust my gut feelings more
Probably, that means I should just move on.
This thing is killing me slowly
My heart aches
My spin is cold
My head is on fire
And I don’t know where to head
Think I’m a lonely kid lost in the forest
Faded intuitions,
Wrong turns,
That’s how I feel
God, your highness, please lead me, guide me
Help me get through it
Grant me wisdom
You are my only hope
Please, God have mercy on my young cold body
My soul is whipping loud in silence
And you are my only savior

Instagram: @learuzu

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