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In today’s post, I thought I’d share with you guys few pieces of advice as well as some university tips for freshmen or basically any other uni student who would like to level up the game a little bit and get the most out of their uni years.

Well to kick this off, I would state that your university years are going to be very important at so many levels: personal, personality, future career, self-awareness, self-discovery, taking responsibility, making decisions, learning, acquiring, frienships, taste, thoughts, ideas, perspective, judgement, style, knowledge, learning style, learning strategies, all types of investements (energy, time, money, effort, space…), mindset, social relationships and so on.

When I got to uni like 5 years ago, I was completely a different person like yeah I was much younger because that was a while ago but that doesn’t change the fact that I have changed so much.

As university fresh graduate I will talk about few aspects that will be focal in your college years:


Fashion and style are NOT the the most important things in college, obviously because you won’t get extra credit for dressing well. However, style and the way you dress up or down usually tells us a lot about your personality and who you are. For instance, when I first got to college I had no idea what would look good on me and what wouldn’t. I liked clothing and fashion since I could ever remember, yet I didn’t know how to dress me up to look how I wanted to look. Plus, before university I completely ignored my personality and my silhouette. However, after a while I started to invest in new styles I wore clothes that tell more about me and how I was feeling and to be honest I experimented so many clothing styles in the past 5 years until I found what style screams out so me, the whole process was lots of fun with lots of hits and misses kinda things but what matters the most to me is that I learned a lot about these stuff when I got to college. Dressing up makes people out there take you more seriously.


University years are very important because you get there as a teenager and you graduate as an adult in your early twenties. So you’ll experience so many situations, feelings, thoughts and you’ll learn so much out of these new experiences and you’ll grow as a person. During these years try to know a lot about yourself, who you are as person, your areas of both strength/weakness and stuff like that so be prepared for the next stage of your life after graduation.


Planning your day,week, month and year will definitely be a game changer in college. Trust me, you’ll thank yourselves later.


During your time in college you’ll learn about the element of investing. Although not everyone can master it yet you should definitely spend sometime trying to know the rules of the game out there like what worth spending money on what to rather focus on, what modules to start with, getting deals, spending more time and energy on some aspects of college life over some other aspects and it’s up to you to decide what matters to you and your future the most and what will help you the most and get you through.


A university’s main role is a form of an educational institution that teach you about some fields and domains of your own choice. Don’t waste your time going out pretty often, partying, or doing worthless stuff. It would be better for you to BOSS it and learn what you gotta learn because regret always comes last when there is no way out.


In university you gotta be responsible. Yourself is your full time responsibility, you are responsible for attending your lectures or not, your are responsible of note-taking, spendings, no one will force you to study or to be serious that’s why so many people get drowned by the sudden freedom that is offered to them. So, be responsible enough you’re no more 12 years old, grow up and be mature enough.

Social Relationships

In university, you will meet so many types of people with countless backgrounds. In college you will learn about people and how to treat others. Your social circle will suddenly expand. It is OK to be introvert at some point especially as freshmen but try to be more open to discussions and meeting new people as you go ( I’m an introvert as well 😦 )

Thoughts, ideas, perspective

As time pass you by in uni, you will start to see the world from a different angle and get new ideas. You’ll notice that with time but make sure that your principles and morals are solid enough to keep you going through the right path.

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