Era of Distractions

This new era is taking over us

These last few years have been quite crazy for humans in general and nothing seems to remain the same as before anymore.

People’s interests are changing every now and then quite fast, zelions of sources of inspiration out there, uncountable number of input is expanding on the internet every second, rumours spreard real quick and bite who ever come across their way to slice, attention seekers are way too many to us even bother give an approximate number about how many of them are out there, this category will do everything and anything to get your like and subscribe/ follow. Students are busy checking their social media, sharing memes, or feeling down all of a sudden because some influencer just got their first luxurious car at the age of 15. Some other young girls and boys are trying to keep track with the new trends to seem like the I got it all and I know it all thing. Most kids are no more enjoying outdoors games like hide and seek stuff and prefer to get locked in a dark room with an Xbox and WI-FI with a total approval and consent coming from their parents. Many teenagers are falling into the trap that of living aesthetically means living sad and that society should be their number one enemy of all times. Some eleders look down at this generation comparing them to theirs, not getting the fact that each got to live their time and that they themselves had lived exactly the way their peers and the world lived back then. Some parents are complaing about lack of communication with their children while it was them who taught their kids that computer is a holly memembr of the family in the first place. This era is centered on the weirdest you can be the more likely you are going to make money… I don’t think weird is bad but I don’t think that average is supposed to be shamed as well. People are starting to not take real actions and instad post from time to time a crying social media post about the unfortunate souls of the world without actually doing something about it… It is not like it is bad to do so, for the rest of us who can’t really help and can only rise people’s awareness about it I think it is fine… But if it happens that you are a millionaire, billionaire or a high profile personality and choose to stick to lame social media posts acting like you care while spending your money on a luxury vacay with your friends and in your spare time you would whine our heads off with your I do care posts, please igonre the whole situation… I understand it is your money, energy and time… I understand that you might do it for rising awareness but we all know that you’ll get an immense number of likes and people would praise you for that and nothing will change after that because you’ll simply become the center of attention… while the unfortunate souls of the world are still suffering and dying and won’t even know about the fact that someone even cared about them for at least once. People are becoming way too selfish nowadays, as if they weren’t before, more than they have ever been and social media is killing their souls and green papers are all what really matter today, even if one of the fortunate souls is going to help you or visit you at the hospital they need to first make sure that a cameramen is on time to capture the precious moment and then use it to advertise themselves online.

Please give good care to the suffering souls out there and don’t hurt them anymore…enough is enough.

I hope people would reflect on their actions and that one day we will all live in a happier place

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Tweeter: @learuzu1

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