Reviving My Lost Passions

Hello my friends from the internet… How’s life? Today I will talk about my nearly forever lost hobbies and passions.

As life goes on we can get extremely busy and might lose connections with our free outlets… Sometimes it is not because we are swamped or something it is just us growing up apart from what we may have once loved as days pass us by.

Growing up I had so many hobbies from reading to sketching and drawing to playing sports to dancing to writing poetry to exploring new places or even going to art salons but sadly some hobbies starts dying on the side of the road on my way growing up from a kid to an adult.

After I graduated from college I decided to reconnect with my passions and things that used to make me happy and that are mainly centered around my number one passion:ART …things that I would love to reenjoy doing again… And since I am currently a freelancer I think I got the needed amount of time to do so.

Me of the almost lost hobbies and passions are:

Writing Poetry

I’ve started writing poetry in my 3rd grade as far as I remember and wrote loads of poems as a kid and they were mainly in Arabic while very few of them were in French… then I kinda stopped for good. However, I revived this hobby during my university days yet this time writing poetry in English and then again it has been like two years since I haven’t written a single poem… It is noteworthy though that I got myself a cute journal where I hope I will start jotting down my new verses onto.


I used to paint a lot especially during my highschool days, yet when I got into Uni I literally stopped and I won’t exaggerate if I say that I totally forgot about it…however, recently I got myself some professional painting tools that would help me to rediscover my skills and love for painting.


In 2019 I decided to go back to reading up to 8 books a months and so I did … I’m happy now that I have enough spare time to explore new genre and discover new writers because during Uni I only read books that are related to my major and had absolutely no time for even a side hustle…so I’m currently doing well with this one.

Writing and blogging

Hopefully I can write more than I did in Uni although I started this blog as a university student yet I took sooo many breaks along the way…and that’s totally fine…innit?


Now, to be honest I took pictures during my university days more than I did after graduation…gotta go back on track…right?

What are your lost passions?

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