The ill Side of Spreading Positivity

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog! I hope you are all doing great and enjoying these winter times ^^

In today’s post I’m gonna talk about toxic/forced positively. People tell us to always spread positivity, to be cheerful, that happiness is a choice…bla bla bla! .. Here’s a news flash for ya: I don’t believe in all this garbage. It is a trend to be positive nowadays… innit? I mean after years of embracing negatively and romanticizing mental illnesses now it is time to feel happy because we are fed up with that trend and we need to form a new one? Isn’t it?

The pressure nowadays of not being able to act/ say/ look like you are sad, depressed or in pain just because it is not trendy anymore and people will assume that you are an attention seeker, a negativity bag or pitiful ylthis is so not cool. People cannot even talk about how lonely they are or how much they are suffering anymore just because the globe now doesn’t get their backs anymore and claim that it is 100℅ their fault that they are feeling this way.

We are humans sometimes we feel sad other times we don’t. One day we would feel over the moon, the other day we might feel like hitting the rock bottom. Sadness can take few minutes, a couple of hours, several days, weeks, months and even years… The longest it lasts the more you are in need for help and in need of expressing your pain to your loved ones.

People will zip your mouth, then when you are gone or take your life they will claim that they were there to listen to you, to help you, some may note that they have never noticed how sad you were because you were a ball of joy as everyone expected you to be…. Sadness is not classy, it is not cool, it is more likely to be related to teenagers and you need to grow up! Right? Isn’t it what nowadays trend looks likep?

Forcing ourselves to be happy is not healthy. We need to fix ourselves gradually to actually feel happy. We can fake happiness at times but pushing it in a one’s throat as an obligation to look noble is not going to solve the problem from its roots. Instead it is gonna deepen the wounds and make it harder to heal. I understand that most of us don’t want pity including me…but hapiness is not always a choice and so is sadness.

Some influencers and social media users are making things harder for people who are suffering to even accept themselves by shaming sadness and emotional pain and claiming it is a choice of theirs to feel that miserable. Claiming that you know how people are supposed to feel or act is not so wise.

Through building up mountains of negative harmful thoughts while acting not so fragile in front of everybody and pretending to look alright portraying the perfect image of how things are suppose to go is extremely damaging and can cause fatal results after reaching the limits… A point where you can’t go back.

I think people should stop taking sides of being extreme positivity spreaders and bury the average human feeling or being a negativity hall and claim it is aesthetic and that’s how all of us should feel.

Thank you so much for stopping by ^^ until next time…stay safe everyone ❤

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