Lifestyle Rules To Live By

Yo! My friends from the internet! I’m back with a new post that I thought it would be helpful to share.

Well, throughout the past years I’ve been consistently working on improving my lifestyle without pushing it too far and make things harder for myself. So, I was kinda on the safe side, I mean I never radically change stuff, instead I focus on working bit by bit to see better and more permanent results on the long run…at least that’s my philosophy hehe.

So, getting used to new habits as I believe is the hardest so far, I mean creating habits and actually sticking to them is extremely difficult… But one step at a time will do no harm…right? You can’t even feel the pressure of the process until BOOM you’re there!

In this post I decided to share with yReadou guys my top 10 lifestyle habits that I literally lived by in 2019 and willing to stick to in the upcoming years as well… So, without any futher bubbling these are my top 10 rules in literally lived by everyday in 2019:

Performing prayers on time:

I know that 5 prayers a day might seem quite a LOT to handle unless you are a work from home buddy (which currently I am) but trying your best to create a routine that goes well with the prayers’ time is gonna be mind blowing…believe me after I finished reading (فاتتني صلاة لإسلام جمال) |pronounced: /Fatatni Salat/ means: /I missed a prayer by /Islam Jamal/… I had no excuses left to “do further procrastinations then combine all my parayers and do them all at once”. So, I stopped procrastinating and so I’m not missing a single prayer and doing all my prayers on time ever since. I highly recommend that book for my Muslim fellows.


Reading can open a bunch of brand new doors in our minds and redirect our ways of thinking and overall perspective. The outcomes of “reading as much as I can” is just undescribable for me… I started to see people from different angles, know about others and me quite a lot of things I never thought existed, learned a lot of information and tricks…reading is a fun journey with unexpected mind blowing outcomes.

Go more Natural

So, this thing I learned basically from mom… As a kid it was a rule in our house to only eat fresh food no matter what it is ( fruit, veggies, meat, meals….) Well basically, that rule still exists till the moment I’m writing this. Instant, processed and even fast food has always been totally so not welcomed at home… even the fruit jam that you would get from the supermarket has never been our favourite guest at home ( I know how burgers taste I sewar haha!). As Algerian, fresh fruits/ meats,/ fish/veggies are everywhere and P. S they are much cheaper than the non-fresh ones here and they are 100% natural. Besides this fact, We belong to a Mediterranean country where veggies and olive oil are the must exist in our meals… so, our menu is full of different kinds of salads and healthy food so that was never a big problem for me. However, eating healthier is always going to be something a one should be consistently working on because of the busy lifestyle requirements… In terms of avoiding junk food as much as possible, know about where are you getting your food…and so on!

Reflect and Journal

So, in my post my 2019 in lines I mentioned that 2019th beginning was a difficult one and that was because of a family loss (my uncle) few months after my beloved Grandpa passed away so that was quite a lot to take at once. I might talk about this period as I might never do it in here…we’ll see.

The most important thing is that I healed my soul and mind through journaling… I used to think that journaling is for kids but no more…guys journaling is a real thing!

Turn off my smartphone/ Turn on airplane mode before going to bed

To get a better sleep and truly relax turn off the technological devices at home or at least turn on your cellphones’airplane mode. Sleeping next to your smartphones can prevent you from enjoying a peaceful night. There are a lot of health risks associated with sleeping next to your smartphones because of cell phone radiation, it can cause cancer, sleep distinction…

Drink a lot of water throughout the day

Do I even have to explain this one? I mean glowy skin, smooth moistured lips, helps us digest our food, cushions the brain and the spinal cord….you name it.

Read Quran more often

To me Quran is my number one source of inspiration. The more I read it the more it opens my mind and helps me to feel more peaceful.

Use Less Plastic

Most plastic last forever and it is mainly a non recyclable material. Plastic is harmful for our overall health as human beings, animals and the environment around us. The toxic chemicals can cause fatal diseases, cause pollution, birth defects, kills sea animals….You can all do a 5minute research about the topic and see yourselves how scary can the situation be.

Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day

I used to neglect breakfast completely but almost a year ago I started to pay more attention to this meal and trust me it is a game changer.

Consume Less and Less sugar

Consuming less sugar can be extremely helpful as it helps to: get clearer skin, reduce the risk for diabetes, have more energy throughout the day, sleep better…

So, to be honest like a year and a half ago I felt like I had 0℅ energy throughout the day and I accidentally watched an American TV show that was supposed to be a celebrity news kinda thing and during that they mentioned that few celebrities don’t eat sugar to get more energy throughout the day and I was like I wanna try this and I’m glad I did really works like magic.

So that was everything from me today love you guys bye ❤ see you next time 😇

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4 thoughts on “Lifestyle Rules To Live By”

  1. Very practical lifestyle tips. To strike balance in your life, firstly you must be consciously meta-thinking by raising awareness about your essential needs and deciding what you need for real.

    Concerning your post about Constantine (in which the comments were closed for me), I love that city so much, having spent there a month. It is really over of Algerian tendency a little bit, day and night. 😍

    Great post, keep writing. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 1) yeah you are absolutely right!

    2) Constantine is such a beautiful city, I’m glad you liked it!
    As for the comments section thank you so much for pointing that out, to be honest WordPress is giving a headache lately and the comments section is one of the reasons (been blogging since 2016 but only lately that I’ve started to have this issue) I now have to allow comments for each post individually which I’m glad you reminded me to do today as well.

    Thank you so much for stopping by ^^ Have a good day!

    Liked by 1 person

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