My 2019 in Lines

This year hasn’t been a fully happy year for me nor a fully garbage one. The first half was a living hell so I got really depressed…yet during the second half things started to get better bit by bit. During 2019, I’ve experienced stuff I haven’t dealt with before… some were happy events however, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration from my part to note that few events were pretty tragic… I know that this is a part of growing up and experiencing mixed feelings is a huge part of it which I’m accepting with an open heart. In 2019, I’ve learned how to step out of my comfort zone and speak up my mind occasionally which I’m happy about.

This year, I challenged myself more as I grew older and learned a lot about myself as well. Actually, I had fun discovering who I am as a person, rediscovering my hobbies and things I appreciate… these stuff were the cherry on top of the cake… I mean I finally got to engage in fun activities after moving to the next chapter of my life (i. e, after graduation) which leads me to talk about the most important event in 2019 to me.

By July, I officially became a university graduate student and immediately joined the adult world which to be honest I’m still kinda straggling to fit in… I asked my friends and they were struggling as well and told me that it’s OK and that it is totally normal to feel that way after graduation.

After Uni, I decided to take a break for the sake of self- discovery since I felt pretty exhausted and burned out due to the intense period of preparing my master degree’s dissertation … my energy was fully sucked and I felt completely lost…eventually, I decided to take a timeout and in the meanwhile I’m currently working as an online freelance writer instead of getting a real job right after my graduation.

During this timeout period I read a massive amount of books, watched inspiring movies, did loads of journaling, revived my hobbies and took my relationship with God pretty serious. This timeout helped me a lot in getting to know me better, feel creative again, heal my soul and charge my energy all over again.

2019 was a growing up year which I am thankful to and feel blessed to have witnessed me growing up that much.

Now for you my dear blog readers, thank you all for sticking by another year and big welcome to the newbies.

Happy New year everyone 🎉🎉 !!!!!

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