I have been a minimist for around 2 years and a half now, which means I am no longer a rookie in the field and by the way, deciding to adopt minimalism was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Years ago, I did not have that signature style that screams so me but now I do! All I need is to develop it bit by bit over time. In the past, I used to spend several hours in the mornings trying to decide what should I wear, what would look good on me and boost my confidence… Well, some of those choices fell short of expectations because they did not look on me the way I expected them to do and I ended up either going out putting on those same clothes which I am not comfortable in because I had no time to change or just by changing quickly into another outfit and results vary based on the items I select… Well, that was really not a cool situation. Then comes July 2017, when I decided to go minimalist for real… of course any new lifestyle starts with heavy baby steps… But, know what? I am glad I did.

In this post I will list few of the pluses I got from decluttering my wardrobe. If you want to know more then keep reading.

Here we go!!!

1. Now, I’m enjoying easy morning decisions that falls into place, I am no more wasting my time on picking up an OOTD so, my outfit choice can be selected in no time because I already know exactly what is in there and I just have to decide whether I should dress up or dress down based on where I am heading to.

2. I am more confident with my style and the items I own… Simply, because I know that I am only keeping the items that fits me well and that I like the most.

3. Additively, I can play mix and match easily and that’s what I like the most about being a minimalist with a signature style. In most minimalist wardrobes you find that a single piece can be worn multiple times and fits perfectly with most of the rest of the wardrobe pieces which is a bonus because I can wear a single peace in more than 10 different ways.

4. To me, having less clothing items is helpful in terms of knowing more about how to show my identity and my personality as simply me. Because I tend to spend a good amount of time trying to make few purchasing decisions like whether I should get that? does it look like me? Does it fit me? Would I be able to wear it in the next 5 years? Would it help me to express myself? Does it fit my wardrobe and overall Aesthetics? Should I get it? And stuff like that… Which helps me to pick my items carefully.

5. Another benefit is that I’ve learned how to take a good care of my stuff… Actually, I am taking the aspect of taking care of my items pretty seriously so that they would always look polished, clean and in great shape by means of stuff like ironing, straming, laundry so my stuff won’t get ruined. Plus, when to wear what and how in the best proper way so that my clothes would still look as if I just got them.

6. Another point, that could be deducted from the above lines, is that I’ve started to focus on the quality of the items I get to assure that they would last longer rather than emphasizing on the quantity of how much I can get at once especially during sale season… which I used to do all the whole process all the way around years ago… Yeah! So good for me.

Well, that was all from me today …See you next time ^^ Much love and stay safe everyone!

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