The word “Aesthetic” is concerned with the deep appreciation of art and beauty, but also could mean “A set of principles underlying the work of a particular artist or artistic movement (Oxford dictionary). Living an aesthetic life could be personalized and interpreted into concrete aspects of a one’s own life (colors, lines, sounds, shapes, clothing, furniture, makeup style…) based on a person’s own perspective, preference, thoughts and ideology.

There are no strict rules to living an aesthetic life as a beauty appreciator and an art lover. There are no books that can teach you how to live your life aesthetically as long as you want to live so. A deep interpretation in a one’s aura and overall life can be noticed when a one starts translating his art appreciation into a lifestyle.

Connecting the dots of your thoughts and ideas with the lifestyle you are willing to adopt creates a masterpiece and a one of a kind human being. It does not happen overnight but slowly and steadily everyone can find there spot.

Nowadays, it is easier to create your own space following a one’s own rules and beauty standards from clothing, home decor, writing style, Instagram feed, lifestyle requirements, school supplies and everything in between.

It is pretty hard at the beginning to fit in one place because liking a color tone or pintrest photo does not make a one ready to adopt the same lifestyle and beauty standards simply because they are personal criteria to a one’s own self.

Writing down things that you like in an art work, a Instagram post, a youtube video, a pintrest photo, a sketchbook, a book you have read, a blog post, a magazine cover, an article you’ve read, a movie you’ve watched, someone’s attitude or appearance… will be of a massive help in the journey of self-disovery. Knowing a oneself is a step by step journey that no one can tell when it would end as we are all a lifelong evolving human being. Still, everyone, has their own choices, preferences, favourite color tones, shapes, you name it, for a long period of time and that what shapes our individual personalities, because that’s who we are. Our perspectives in life and preferences scream their lungs out : that’s who you are.

So, I think that living an aesthetic life for beauty appreciator human beings is a lifelong journey that tells us a little bit about: who we are.


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