As humans, we all tend to stress out over the tiniest bit in our lives and that’s OK!

Now, I am a graduate student with a master’s degree in Didactics majoring in English, and this is really awesome like I got to finish my college years as an honor student and stuff like that. Well, here’s the fun part… Weeks ago, I figured out that the actual adult world doesn’t really care about your grades! Like out of college borders you are no more a special kid… AND the job world isn’t that easy after all..and this is really stressing me out!

Frankly, I started to freakout months ago each time I think about the fact that I’m no longer gonna be a student and that I gonna be thrown like that in a blink of an eye into the real world… The professional world which to be honest scares the life out of me. I thought I’m ready but recently I had those moments where I doubt it. I thought I had the perfect plan for my life, but you know things don’t go always the exact same way as we have planned. I personally take that with open arms as Allah’s will and that Allah has better plans for me, but you know a one can’t help it but to stress out at moments.

It has been two months since I graduated but I am already stressing out about being unemployed. I’m not exaggerating but this is how I’ve been feeling the moment I got my diploma. I mean, once I think about how my life is gonna be kinda thing… of course I don’t always feel the same way but I mostly got this feeling at times I feel the pressure of the job hunt and the post grad life. I thought I was the only one feeling that way but once I did some research on the internet I was kinda relieved because I found out that many fresh graduates feel the same way once their old life as students is over.

So, as a response to my post-graduation stress I tend to try out some stuff to destress and cope with my new life’s features. Well, I tend to do stuff like:

1. Journaling
Yes, write write write. I tend to jot in all my thoughts and ideas that pop in my mind at the moment I’m writing. So, I try to journal as much as I could like I just grab my pen and write down every thought that comes to my mind in the most honest and no-filtered way because at the end of the day, it is myself whom I am having a chat with. So, why worry about being judged or even regretting my words later because I got emotional and said words I don’t necessary mean or I said them because that’s what I felt like at first and then they mean nothing to me… So, why not be as honest as you could and you SHOULD by the way. Being honest with ourselves will help us to figure out both the problem in hand and the solution that works best. By journalling I got to know myself a little more and I know now that I will be there for me because writing down allows me to get inspired, to know me better, to pay attention to the least details about me as a person and the environment around me, to my problems and my flaws . I really recommend a non-aesthetically pleasing and non-eye candy journaling as it helped me so much to grow and fix myself pretty often. After I journal, I feel so much better and my shoulders feel so much lighter as if all the weight I was carrying is gone.

2. Don’t Get Drowned in the Social Media Maze
So, here’s the deal if you don’t like what someone is posting, or probably that person is getting annoying, or maybe someone else’s posts make you feel bad about yourself and your life, or that person is influencing you or starting to influence you in some sort of way… I mean, you can still get inspired, but please not influenced, or maybe you even want to be that person… well, calm down and read carefully, all these signs screams out loud that you should immediately UNFOLLOW/BLOCK that person because you are starting to lose your life and yourself in such a maze. In the social media world, some accounts are there to makes us think that we are liking something while in fact we don’t, like we desperately in need of something while in a real situation we don’t, some people are there to make us think they are cool by making us believe we are lame. So, please be smart enough to notice the difference. You may not pay attention to the real reason why you are feeling useless and stressed out while sometimes it is because of social media and the way you are using it. This social media tip helped me so much so, I thought why not share it with y’all.

3. Be Easy on Yourself
If you feel tired just take a nap and don’t force yourself to do stuff that you don’t want to, if you feel like not doing it…just don’t and more importantly, don’t do it because others thought that you have to. Listen to yourself and you will know what is best for you. You are stuck with yourself forever so why not be friends with you for a lifetime.

4. Take Breaks
I personally, took August as a month off. I tried to chill out, to have lots of me time, journaling took a huge part of it, I also got to do the things I love doing the most to figure out what I truly want, all in all I wanted to know who am I as person. So, August to me was a kind of a self-discovery break kinda thing and I pretty much enjoyed it. I wanted to know what do I really want to do with my life, what my next step should be and stuff like that. We don’t get to know what we want/need unless we truly spend some time trying to comnect with inner selves.

However, No one can tell when it is the right time to take a break but your own self.

5- Learn to Say NO
Sometimes we stress out over taking more than we can actually handle just to not hurt someone’s feelings while we are literally burned out, or probably we say yes just to look nicer, more ambitious or show our hardworking side. Please, have mercy on yourselves and learn to say NO. Just know your physical and mental limits and go with them.

6. Avoid Toxic People
This tip helped me so much in coping with stress. Limiting the time I spend with toxic people and cutting ties with toxic people both helped me so much to feel positive, better about myself and more importantly to grow. I know we can’t cut ties with everyone that stress us out. So, if we can’t cut ties with some of them, we can simply try to avoid them and limit the amount of time we tend to spend with them.

7- Accept that We Cannot Control the Incontrollable
Do your part of the game and don’t feel depressed if things go the wrong way.

8. Spend more Time doing your Hobbies
I love stuff like drawing, learning, writing, reading, taking photos so, I tend to do that a lot as my creative outlet. Doing these activities make me feel so much chilled out and relaxed. Doing things that put you in a better mood will help you detox your mind and for sure destress.

Well, these were some of the tips that works for me and helped me to slow down and chill out in times I’m mostly be in need of PEACE.

Untill next time, Stay safe everyone.


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