Hello everyone welcome or welcome back to my blog!!!


Well first of all, I changed my blog’s name as I use to run it under the name: itsNaly. However, I decided to blog using my real name: Lina, because I like my real name more so why not use it instead!

Now, It has been several months since I last uploaded a post on my blog that probably you have totally forgot about me or you don’t even remember me anymore right? Am I making sense down here? but either ways I missed blogging that’s why I came back.

As for my life in general a lot of things pretty much have changed: I graduated from college last June as I got my master degree. So, basically I’m not a student anymore and now I’m just another girl in her twenties who has to face the real world.

Well, I’m turning my 24 years old in like 2 days (August 3rd), Happy birthday to me πŸŽ‚. YO! My leos out there 🐾🐾 how ya doing?!

Ps. Wait wait wait 24 y.o who has just graduated! Were you left behind… or are you kinda late? well I’m Algerian and the system here is different. According to the system here we start out our primary school journey at the age of six and personally I spent 6 years according to the old system who changed later and kids 2 years younger than me spent only 5 years there, adding 4 years in elementary school, 3 years in highschool, 3 years to get my licence degree in the English language and the 2 years during which I studied to get my master degree in didactics which means 5 years in total at college since most students here spend around 5 years in college, it’s the normal rate …now you do the math. So, it’s the normal age to graduate here and this year’s college graduates are 95 liners and I am 95 liner so yeah!

Actually, turning 24 years old got me feeling like my twenties are moving really really fast. Yet, I’m so exited for the new phase of my life. Now, I just want to experience life after graduation as I haven’t done much with my life except for studying since I was 3 years old. So, I will finally get to see the world from a different angle and experience new things which is extremely thrilling to me.

Ps. I took pre- primary school classes from age 3 to 6 it’s kinda normal here but some kids start at 4 y.o others at 5 y.o. Basically, we take such classes to socialize, learn basics of the Arabic language, French and English alphabets and numbers , Quran lessons and physical education classes)

How was I doing?

Starting from mid march and during the period of my blogging break kinda thing, I focused a lot on both my mental and physical health. I’ve been doing activities like working out and things like self reflection, self discovery, journaling for therapy spending more time with myself and bunch other things that I would be extremely happy to discuss with you in my upcoming posts as things that helped me to get better as I’m still going through the process of letting go of the negative thoughts I had in the past months and instead of going down I’m focusing on working on improving and re-discovering myself.

My blog! What would it be about?

Well, My blog’s focus was me as a college student so I talked about my college life, study tips, make up for college students, time management and productivity tips, routines, art, my minimalist life and so on but as I already mentioned my life as a college student part is over… BUT! as for that specific part I will try to upload posts from time to time to share my experience as a graduated college student and tips I learned during that period of my life as a way to help freshmen and basically any college student out there. However, my blog now would focus on my post-grad life, my new experiences and my life in general as it has always did.

However, I just want to draw your attention that you would notice that most of my old posts are gone, well I did not delete them because I still love them but instead I just turned them to the private mode. I don’t know, I just wanted to change something over here to feel kinda fresh so I just did that.

This is it for today’s post because I will talk to you more and more of the changes in my life in my upcoming posts because I think that this post is kinda long enough for a “life update post” … so stay tuned everyone πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘€.

If you have any questions or want to know something, want me to review something, or want me to do a post for you guys just comment down below πŸ‘‡ also you can DM on Instagram πŸ‘‰ @lavender_iz or you can just email me as you always did πŸ‘‰

Thank you so much for your time and for reading this πŸ™Œ I really appreciate it πŸ˜‡ See ya all in my next post … Stay safe πŸ‘‹

With luv, Lina.B πŸ’•

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