[Sponsored] Introducing Baginning.Com to you !

Heyo everyone welcome back to my blog! Today I want to talk about: baginning.com.

Well, to be honest I’ve turned down bunch of sponsored blog post inquiries during the previous months and for multiple reasons and mainly because they don’t fit my style and my aesthetic…However, today I decided to go for this one and introduce it to you guys since me myself did fall in love with the bags they sell… and just one click on the link in the email they sent me was enough for me to be impressed… I was like “WOW!”

So first of all! baginning.com is an online shop that has a wide variety of women bags of different shapes and for different personalities so they got things like: Ladies handbags, Crossbody bags, ladies bags, clear bags/purses and jelly bags/purses,backpacks, vintage bags, evening bags… In order to assure that they are serving so many fashion styles and preferences.

Well, I think that they got some classy, chic, pretty, feminine, and minimal bags that would serve so many fashion lovers and that would elevate any outfit up to the next level!

Also,they got a variety of women bags for different occasions starting from daily wear to special occasions.

Some of my personal favourite options:

Since I LOVE structured bags!

For more options ….check out !


For more bold choices


For parties,weddings and special occasions

What I Also liked!

-The delivery is worldwide with free shipping.

-They provide free return once the client is not satisfied with their products.

-Each bag comes in different colors.

-They provide you with extra details about the product.

– Consumer care that include free shipping,7days free return and a random GIFT ❤🎁

Well don’t hesitate …Go and check their products !

Ps. all the pictures which I’ve included in this post do reflect my own personal clothing style so for further options please check out their website .

Well that was everything from me today …I hope you enjoyed this post bye for now and see you next time !!

Naly 😇

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