10 habits for success: What a #GirlBoss does!

Heyoo! my lovely friends from the internet ! Welcome back!

In today’s post I thought I’d share with you guys 10 basic habits for success that would pave your way for better upcoming days ! Are you ready guys ? Let’s GO !

So, habit N°1 is to : Take care of yourself. physically,mentally,psychologically… You know :Feed your body well,have enough sleep,be tidy,take care of your looks,exercise to clear your mind a little bit,rest,drink enough water,take breaks,dress up a little bit….look like someone who does LOVE who she is,someone who does appreciate to be who she is,someone who doesn’t take herself for granted but someone who does take herself seriously …everybody takes a confident girl seriously.

Habit N°2: Educate yourself.

Enlarge your knowledge and know about other domains… read more about your field and other fields as well. Be knowledgeable, educated,intellectual.

Habit N°3: Know your worth and be respectful!

Don’t let anyone disrespect you or let you down …be kind to others but with defined limits.

Habit N°4: Get up early!

Waking up at 9 or 10. am on weekdays is not an option for somebody who wants to make a name for themselves.

Habit N°5: Plan Plan Plan!!!

Have clearly stated yearly goals, daily to do lists. Just be up to date with everything you do!

Habit N°6: find a productive morning routine that works best for you!

Habit N°7: Clear space Clear mind!

Decluter, organize and clean your space.

Habit N°8: Learn to prioritize!

What matters for you the most? What can be delayed? What you should improve? What to do now? What do do next?

Habit N°9: Be A better listener

Don’t listen to respond, just listen to listen! Understand what the other person is trying to say,their intentions,their needs ….

Last but not least …Habit N°10: Know what you want!

Don’t be allover the place …that’s a no brainer but no body wants to deal with a person who doesn’t know what she is after, not clear about her goals …a person that sounds unstable is a NO!


Well that was all from me today..stay tuned for more quality content from me bye for now and see you next time !

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