Chitchat -2 bloggiversary ! Life update+My thoughts+College and More.

Heyo everyone 😊 ! It has been exacly 2 years since I’ve joined the blogging community ! Thank you all for being supportive and kind to me since day oneπŸ’ͺ. I blogged when I was happy,when I was fine,when I was sad,stressed, anxious …your comments gave me strength to go on during my hard times …some comments made my day ! I was happy whenever someone clicks and read what I’ve been writing ! Thank you allπŸ’— ! Thank you for every single one who ever read my posts or liked them❀ ! Massive “thank you” to all my beautiful people who followed my blog and hits the follow button! You really guys are the best ❀❀❀!

During these couple of years, I loved every single minute of blogging. Although, I never seem to stick to a strict blogging schedule, it is just because I want to share only what it is 100% ME! and not just post for the sake of posting! I didn’t want see blogging as a heavy burden that breaks my spine by having to post every specific day but rather as an outlet for who I am. Also, since I am a full time student who doesn’t want to take college for granted and above all I hate the idea of being forced to do stuff…you know what I mean !

Now, as for college …it has been stressing me out really bad! College is giving me such a hard time recently…lots of presentations to prepare, bunch of readings and homeworks and above all working on my master degree’s Dissertation, Since I am going to graduate and get my master degree this year inshalah! I am just really bussy these days ! To be honest, I can’t wait to graduate and see the world from a different angle.

Although, I can really tell that I am a more mature and grown up adult in comparison to my freshman year and that my college experience has taught me a lot but I think that I am ready to move on and see what the world got for me ! You got what I mean …right!?

Well, I guess that was everything from me today,I think …I should stop here instead of making it a long post that you would just want me to zip it! I don’t usually do such chitchat posts on my blog but why not I just wanted to try new things and here I am ! I had fun writing it ! Tell me if you want me to do more of these posts !

Aw ! I was thinking about doing a Q&A post but I am not sure ! Tell me what do you think guys !

Well bye for now and see you in my next post ! Bye ! Stay safe !!

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πŸ˜‡Naly πŸ˜‡

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