“Social media” fever

Hey loves,in this post I will share some thoughts about social media if you want to know more ..keep reading !

Many internet users girls and boys …are falling every second into the trap of fake perfection represented by high profile social media users…many got addicted to the perfectionist image that they see behind not only the camera’s viewfinder but more likely the FILTERS behind the perfect pics to be more authentic !

“Perfectionism ” an idea that a wide range of social media users try to sell about their life,body,food,visuals,sense of fashion,ideas,lifestyle…and even social relationships ! For an unlimited number of purposes behind these actions and most importantly is the number one purpose : making people JEALOUS.. their followers, friends,enemies… ex-lovers whatever.. !

Based on my personal view nowdays,social media users are labeled into two main section :

The first group whom I’d like to call them: the competitors .This category sees the whole process as a tough competitive game ! So they seek at being,doing and showing a better life quality than what’s trendy on market ! These people are mainly : bloggers,YouTubers,Instagram stars,Musically stars and other internet platforms (tumble,Vine…)! So it is about who is better than who ! Their profiles are mainly about :healthy lifestyle, luxury life,insanely expensive outfits… Although, these people really exist and they are allover the place yet such actions like showing off on these platforms tend to create an extra needless pressure on both these people as well as on their followers ….

The second category are the Consumers ! I’ve read not less than hundreds of comments through which people disrespect themselves,making fun of themselves by leaving comments like “I’m a potato “,” I look like a potato in comparison to you”, “I am ugly” “you’re so pretty I which I had your looks..”or even ” I wish I were you “!some category stops there but others go far and can even feel depressed because of low self-esteem …some even SUICIDE !

Which turns the whole process into an unhealthy toxic relationship between both categories .Since,both bring needless stress,pressure and instability into their life.

You need to know that everyone got ups and downs in their life but we all tend to only share the highlights of our daily life …we’re just humans after all .No one had/have stressless life so, instead of comparing your life to theirs just take it as an inspiration or motivation to realize the life you deserve . know your worth and be a better version of yourself.

Naly ๐Ÿ’Ÿ

12 thoughts on ““Social media” fever”

  1. This post is amazing and so true ,but then it’s so easy to be caught up on the social media world but then social media does has its good side as well


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