12 Things To Do this summer break #InspirationalVibes

Hello my friends from the internet ! Summer break is here ! And to me the expression “summer break” is all about :Relaxing and reorganizing a one’s thoughts and life,.. While trying to refresh the mind of course …in the other hand, it is about trying to do new things and break new personal records and achievements, and adopting new habits ! In this post I will share with you few activities to do this summer to make your simmer time a little more productive and meaningful !

1-Read new books about new fields that you have never explored (Economics, physics, philosophy, psychology…) .

2-Read about the history of your country .

3-Discover and Read about a given culture that is totally different from yours.

4-Learn about photography !

5-Pray More .

6-Play educational games .

7-Workout at least 10 minutes several times a week.

8- Donate ! (Money,clothes you don’t wear any more,…)

9-Write extended essays about topics of your own choice !

10-Read others’ blog posts more often and “Get inspired ” !

11-Know more about yourself ! (Eg :Know what makes you feel stressed and try to avoid it ,Know more about what you like and what you don’t like …)

12-Learn to cook new dishes !

Well,that was everything from me today ! Stay safe and enjoy your precious time to the fullest ! See ya later !

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8 thoughts on “12 Things To Do this summer break #InspirationalVibes”

    1. Aw ! Thank you sooo much😍 ! Happy to know that you’ve found them helpful ! And thanks for introducing me to your lovely blog as well πŸŒΌπŸ’Ÿ

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