1001 Things you need to know ! #inspirationalVibes

Drink plenty of water …your body needs hydration.

Pamper and treat yourself

Own yourself and work hard to stand out.

No one owes you anything ,you’re free,it is supposed to be your life …your thing !

You’re free ?! that’s right ! But to protect that right you should respect the freedom of others too !

Smile more it is free but truly previous.

Ditch your cell phone for a book ..educate yourself and feed your mind.

Plant a tree and watch it grow …it is magical ha !

Dream more ..plan more !

Don’t compare your life to others.

Write more and learn to express yourself better.

Enjoy your journey… Life is short !

Avoid toxic relationships.

Be original and one of a kind.

Believe in YOU !

Help someone you don’t know.

Play with kids.

You’re nobody’s sheep…you are the one who is sitting in the driver’s seat because, it is your life.

Want it ? Claim it ! Own it !

Donate more.

Be friends with your own.

Know your limits.

Don’t give up on yourself ! Don’t hate on yourself ! You are stuck with yourself forever so don’t try to run away from YOU ! That’s all you’ve got hun !

Be kind and peaceful ! But don’t let anyone disrespect you !

Get a good sleep.

Feed your body !

It is OK to spend few lazy days a year ! But it is not OK to spend 365 days chillin’ out !

Take care of your family.

Be cheerful.

Don’t be afraid of change ! Be ready for change !Be brave !

Be ambitious !

Embarrassing moments make great funny memories…just don’t panic !

Talk to old people and learn from them ! They already know way too much !

Don’t be afraid to fail !

Forget about the issues of the past ! What’s done is done !

Focus on yourself !

Listen to the song of your own ! Where the rhythm is by your heart and the lyrics are by your mind ! Don’t be mistaken ! They both play the same symphony it is just you who didn’t realize yet !

Pray,Pray,Pray !

Study NOW ! And celebrate LATER !

If you’re not happy …make a change !

Talk and listen carefully to yourself…pay attention to the details ’cause the answer is hidden right there !

If it is too easy,then it is NOT the right path for greatness.

It OK to fall ,but what matters the most is to bounce back higher than ever.

Try new things. Learn new skill. Go to new places. Meet new people !

Take breaks !

Be honest to U…don’t fool yourself !

Look for some inspiration… Forever and always .

Stop complaining and start enjoying the little details.

Embrace your differences ! What makes you different… Makes you special.

Be your reason to rise !

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