My Study Tips for college !

Heyo lavenders ! Welcome or welcome back to my blog !! I hope you are doing great !
Today I will share with you some of my study tips (as an Honor Student)! Actually,I did a year ago few posts .But since it had been a long time since then ,I decided to do another college related topic today ! Well I hope that you will find this post helpful and beneficial to boost your grades this semester !

Without any further intro let’s get straight to the point !

Get your handouts on time : don’t wait until the end of the semester and start the journey of looking for what your teachers has sent or taught like 4 months ago …So that you stay organized !

Sit in the front ! I used to sit in the back sometimes but once I changed where I sit especially in the amphitheater everything has changed !

Pay attention to the details : Don’t study just for the sake of studying , you have to find links between the information and its least details .

Hangout with friends who get good grades : this one is obvious ,reckless students who don’t care about their studies may influence you badly !

Change the game play for each class : try to not study the scientific modules the same way you deal with literature .Also,know what are the expectations of your teacher ..every teacher has different perspectives and expectations so work on that !

Know what you need to know ! This one comes as a result of practice ! Don’t go too deep in investigating in the needless details of the lesson try to know what is important and what is less important !

Understand what you are studying : Don’t just memorize the lectures you need to understand what the lesson is all about ! “You need these information in the real world after you graduate”

Well,that was everything for today’s post ! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram ↪ lavender_iz !

Bye for now and see ya later !

Naly 😆

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