How Do I get the best out of my day !

Heyo my people ! Hi lavenders !!! I hope that you are all doing great !!

Well in today’s post I will share with you some tips I personally adopt to be as productive as I can during my day ! 

Bullet Journal:  I love the idea of bullet journalling ! I’ve been loving it for long time …Actually,I used to bullet journal but not in an organized way or so ! But I’ve began last January to decorate and plan my daily tasks on daily basis in an organized manner ! So really my bullet journal became my ultimate bestie πŸ˜† it is really a game changer !

Wake up early :I talked about it several times before ! Waking up at 5-6 am in the morning gives me too much space ..too much time ! To start my day fresh ! And do my morning tasks in a stress free manner ! So I take my time without seem to be in a rush like everyday !
Working Out :  In days I feel like I want to boost my productivity even further I work out ! I really like the 7-minute app since it is already dedicated to get busy people in shape in no time ! It works great for me ! I don’t know! maybe it is because I am already fit ..but whatever the reason is ! It is a very good app in my opinion that gets a one in shape in a short period of time !

Read : I try to read during my spare time especially at college ! To not feel like I am wasting my time doing nothing !!

Treat myself :A good skin care ,facial massage ,refreshing shower when I get back home every single evening! These things are the best to relax and make me like I am taking care of myself !

Feed my soul :(Religion) I don’t know about you but to me …this is a must!!

Learn new things : one of my teachers during my highschool days told us once that :”The day in which you don’t learn something new ,is a day that you don’t deserve to live ” I guess he was right ! I am not calling for learning a new language everyday ! Or master a new filed everyday ! Of course not ! But learning new things or about new things is a must ! 

Nourishment is a priority: I make sure to eat well and drink enough water during the day ! I don’t expect a hungry body to blow my mind!

-Spend time with Family : I make sure not to stay isolated at home by being busy improving myself all day long !  so I make sure to spend some time with my siblings and parents as well …life is short as you know !

Participate in the Classroom : Although, I am a college student yet I don’t like to remain passive in the classroom in most of the sessions ! Like if I want to share my opinion I raise my hand and just say what I got ! I am there to learn and be a part of that ! So why would I be shy I and do nothing !

Self-Love : my mother told me once “If you don’t love yourself ,don’t expect others to love you ! ” these years I think that I worked on that point of self-love ! It should be ME …the reason why I have to wakeup every single morning  to chase MY dreams and work hard to achieve MY goals .

Challenge myself : This area is so wide and is related to many fields ! As an examples usually I am not comfortable to go and talk with strangers! Not because I am insecure but this is just my personality! So I try to do something new whenever I feel the need to : like talking with my classmates whom I never talked to before ! And so on ! Or I try to do things faster than I used to ,or I express myself freely in some controversial topics …ect.I try to break my fear-walls as much as I can whenever I feel the need to do it …I don’t just do things for the sake of doing them of course !

Well that was everything for today’s post !I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it 😊 Bye for now ! And see you next time !!! Bye πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

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                              Naly πŸ˜†

9 thoughts on “How Do I get the best out of my day !”

  1. I love having a notebook and writing one sentence about my day, everyday and reading books. Will definitely be trying your other points (especially waking up early, haha x).


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