Heyo ma people,Welcome back lavenders !

Well, all of us had/have some dreams or more technically unaccomplished dreams ! Some of us daydream about theirs every single minute ! Yet,Some of us dealt with his/her dreams as goals and gradually switched them to plans to actually live their DREAM !

Scientist,makeup artist,influencer,billionaire, writer,TV host ,professor, photographer, designer, doctor ,Chef ,Teacher,President, lawyer …or whatever your dream is ! You are able to achieve it once you believe in it ! Once you believe in your capacities! Once you actually start planning for it ! Once you are actually able to go for the first step !

Saying things is easy ! Daydreaming is even easier ! But who may dare to plan his dream ? A real dreamer ? Or more clearly : a DOER ?

Be a Doer rather than a dreamer ! Dreaming is not bad but actually doing things is more pleasantly Insane !! Not everyone can do it …huh ?

Just go after what you want ! Realize your dreams ! Start NOW ! The sooner the better !

Don’t wish to be somebody else ! You are stuck with yourself literally forever ! Stop envying others for what they have or for their accomplishments ! If they did it …then you are able to do it as well !! It is a matter of priorities.. Because if you really want it !You are more likely to go and get it !

Start NOW with what you have ! Don’t wait for the opportunity to come and lay under your knees ! Simply because it won’t ! Go and chase your dreams !

Don’t expect to be successful by laying on bed for 24/7 ! Relaxing and chilling all day long is not a good option !

Go beyond your comfort zone and challenge yourself ! Speak up for who you are ! Show yourself what you are capable of doing ! Focus on impressing yourself before impressing others ! Because then you might loose yourself and start pleasing others expectations and perspective !

Don’t say I am “nobody”…try to be “somebody” at least to yourself !

Get up ! It is never too late to hit the success button !

If you are able to dream about it ! Then you are able to do it ! The journey might be long and tough but you can do it !

You were born for a reason ! Don’t waste that reason ! If your vision seems blurred and can’t identify any particular reason ! Then be YOUR REASON !

Yes ! YOU ! Be a doer …Not a dreamer !

Just think about it !!

Bye for now and until next post !!……Stay safe and have a nice day everyone ! πŸ˜†
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