Wait A Minute !

Heyo lavenders!!! Hey fellows ..I really missed talking to you since I obviously didn’t for quite a moment..yeah ! I know that you haven’t heard from me for a while now ! Anyways,welcome back to my blog !!!

Today I will talk about TIME ! Well as you all know time is one of the very few little intangible things in this big world that can’t be substituted and when it is gone .. is gone ! Nothing out there can re-bring it down here under no circumstances …no fictional time machine can go back in time and make you re-live the moment and correct whatever mistake you’ve done or re-enjoy it if it was a happy one or even re-do what you had to do ! Because what’s done is done and no one can change a single thing about it !life is no ‘About time ‘movie !But guess what ! This is what makes life so special ! This is what makes TIME so magically important !

Time is about everything down to earth ! Humans need to learn more about time !Need to learn about time management !

Don’t say I didn’t do such task because I had no time to do it ! Don’t say I don’t have time for reading ! Don’t say I have no time for adventures !Don’t say I have no time for learning ! Don’t say I have no time to improve my skills ! Don’t say I have no time to study ! Don’t say I have no time for some workout thing ! Don’t say I have no time for family ! Don’t say…you name it !

Newton, Ibn Sina ,Bloomfield, Shakespeare, Steve jobs,Bill Gates,Ibn Khaldoun ,Walt Disney, Mohammad Ali klay , Ibn Didat …And Hundreds of other successful people ,celberites,Scientists, influencers ,doctors,Religious Men ,Politicians,Public Figures,journalists,Psychologists,professors,Athletes and others Had the same 24 Hours a day just like you DO ! 7 days a week just like you ! Maybe some of them are basically from your own country…so same chances as you have ! Well …would you please look at some of their achievements ? Would you believe that they did so in the same amount of time you got ! Some of them even got short lives as you may know !

Time is so magically precious yet no one can feel it but it is there ! It is the magma of our existence …time got it all ! But since you are the master of your own life ,then success lays beneath the successful mastery of time management! Most of successful people are not only publicly successful but are successful in so many other life fields as well ! Genius… Right?

So why would you stay in front of your computer’s screen for 13 hours a day doing nothing !? Why would you watch Web/TV series non-stop ! Why would you …why would you…why would you …?

Just hold on for a bit ,life can go in a blink of an eye ! Why would you waste it ? Why would you waste your life ? Why would you waste the essence of life !

I am not calling for work work work and only work,but I am calling for the mastery of the Art Of Balance ! The art that would help you to successfully mange your time and life aa well ! The art that would help you to know what to do and when to do it without over-doing anything !

Stop wasting your life ! Your life matters ! Your time matters ! Go ahead and amaze the world and show them how special you are !

Just think about it !

Bye for now and see you later ! bye ๐Ÿ‘‹
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