Minimalism…Perfect Mess.

Heyo lavenders !!!

Today’s post is going to be related to “the minimalist series” which I have started doing for quite a moment now !! Well without any further intro ! Let’s get straight to the point !

Well as many of you know …minimalism is about :Tidiness, being extremely clean,being organized ,sequential way of doing stuffs ,well planned goals,less stuffs to distract you ,less crazy colors’ combination ,the color of the minimalist aesthetic is mainly “white” +any other color that you love (Not necessarily ) , it is about simplicity ,clean and clear spaces, ….and sooo many other values ! But…did you know that there is blank space for your creativity that you have to fill in ! Yeah ! And as you all know creativity is way far from perfectly planned paths …away from your planners and bullet journals ! Yeah ! There is a gap for you to fill ! There is a gap for “Messiness” under what is called _”the Perfect Mess” and for your independent personality as well …that’s why when watching many videos on YouTube, or when reading many blog posts will notice that each one is applying minimalism based on his/her own personality ;Regardless from the fact that they are following the same lifestyle ! when following many of the minimalist standards you will clearly notice that so many things that you were complaining about such as :waisting hours doing your laundry, or picking your OOTD ,or looking for something that you have purchased last month and it seems like you can’t find it anywhere,or the fact that your bed room is always seem to be messy ,or maybe you overslept this morning because of your messy schedule of doing things ! Well most of these problems would disappear if a one applied some of the minimalist standards that he/she learned about !As we all know perfection DOES NOT excit ! And we shouldn’t kill our human nature of being creative ! Of being a little bit messy …and that’s fine as long as it doesn’t harm us !Well as for that,minimalism is there to control the harmful humankind’s habits …yet,it doesn’t fully control all aspects of your life to the point where you loose who you are as an Artist, Creative, Designer…..HUMAN ! . So,the fact that minimalism does control the desire of negatively “Over” doing something is GREAT !…like : Over waisting your time ,over shopping, over worry about some stuffs that you can get them done right away!being over messy …Minimalism will help you to spend most of your precious time doing important stuffs and why not try more brand new things ,which means also that you should not be affraid to express who you are .Sticking to a strict lifestyle full of dos and don’t is never the point behind such a lifestyle .To conclude this post ,minimalism does welcome our “Perfect Mess”.

Before I leave I just want to thank you so much guys for stopping by and guess what my blog hits +800 WP Followers ! YAY!!!

Well that was everything for today’s post πŸ˜† bye for now …and see ya next time ! BYE πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
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3 thoughts on “Minimalism…Perfect Mess.”

  1. I am a minimalist actually. My moms β€œstuff” drives me insane. Everything in my room has its place and is organized. The rest of the house I can’t stand! πŸ˜‚


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