[Sponsored] FSJ Shoes’Guide .

Heyo lovelies ! 

Today I am back with a new post …Although this post is sponsored yet I am going to be honest in my words. So, when the brand emailed me … I made sure first that they got some variety of pretty shoes and more importantly shoes that I would personally wear in different occasions and that would fit my personal style and my blog’s aesthetic πŸ˜‡.

So as for those whom have never heard about such brand I will provide them with a brief intro about the brand right away .

Well, FSJ (Funny she jill ) is a shoes brand and a company of handmade and all-size shoes which are the brand’s unique features .And here’s the link to their official website where you can shop online : FSJShoes.com

FSJ shoes got variety of options that would actually serve so many clothing and fashion styles ! 

Well what catches my eyes first when I checked out their website for the first time were their winter shoes collection ! because I thought that they have some pretty classy things out there ! (And that was the main reason why I said yes for the cooperation by the way 😌 !) ! Like their boots collection is stunning in my opinion 😍 …and these boots are something that would give the winter’s daily outfits a higher value and more classy and expensive kinda look ! please feel free to check out their winter collection here . 

And since it is pretty much the “Gift’s season” out there 🎁… FSJ shoes as I said offers variety of options for variety of styles and more than 2000 designs to fall in love with …and guess what shop with deals …yeah ! A flash sale that is up to 50β„… off with free shipping worldwide !!!

Another gift-worthy type of footwear is the Gladiator Sandals from the summer collection ! This collection is so pretty and feminine at the same time ! Please check them out ! They have some pretty pieces which are so classy-bold looking kind of shoes that I might personally wear in special occasions like weddings and parties ,and some others which are cute and comfy 😍 !

For more options Go and check ‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡

Black Gladiator sandals

 Gold Gladiator sandals

Here’s another comfy yet classy look is the women’s oxfords collection…..I’m so in love with this collection by the way 😍😍…please check them out !!

More options : 

Ps. all the pictures that I’ve included in this post do reflect my own personal clothing style so for further options please check out their website .

What do you think about these shoes ! And what was your favourite type ?

Bye for now ! Until next time …. Stay safe everyone πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‰ . 

                            Naly πŸ˜‰

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