No Filter : Be Original !

Heyo world !!!!! Hey friends ! How’s your day so far ? I hope that you are doing great ! Well today’s post is going to be about “Originality” and being original as a person, as a blogger,as a student ,as an artist …as…as…ect ! 

So without any further intro ! Let’s get straight to the point !Yay !!!

Well as a starter l feel like I have to define the word originality ! What is originality in the first place ? Well according to the dictionaries :

Originality : 

1-The ability to think and act independently.

2- The quality of  being new and original (not derived from something else ).

Well this means that the above word deals with : being unique, a first ,independent, creative, new as a whole

Meanwhile, being original is about copping no one and get things done your own way/style .Also,it is about creative and innovative thinking following your own standards ! 
Which leads me to list some tips that might help you to be original !!

Tips :

One: Feel comfortable …everybody is unique their own way ! So if you just follow what pleases you , what makes you feel at ease ,what are you comfortable with,what makes you happy ,what you enjoy doing !!! …this means that this is 100% You !!!

Two : Don’t try too hard and don’t go over the top ! Being original is not about exaggerating and making yourself seem/look like fool by putting on buzzard clothing just to be noticed as a person who have a unique and original style or by talking and acting like no one has ever did ! …because that way you’ll make yourself look like a dumb doll  or just a nonsense psycho out there ! So ,keep it simple even though going over the top is you ! Just do it without trying too hard !Originality Comes naturally with the least effort !!!

Three: Get inspired but don’t copy exactly what is already out there ! Otherwise, you’ll make out of yourself an exhausted copy cat ! (In case you wanted to be original of course !) So please don’t… There is no harm in getting inspired sometimes by people,speeches,books,lifestyles, styles,Outfits…ect , but doing these stuffs your own way is what makes you stand out ! 

Four: know who you are ! What do like to do in your spare time ! What is your favourite color (s) ? What is/are your favourite type of books/movies/shows…. ! What is your significant clothing style !? And bunch of other questions that has to do with “who you are” ! Answering these questions will definitely help you to know yourself more ! Yet ! It is OK to change ! I mean I might like something today and then the next day I will badly dislike it ! And that’s ok ! So don’t force yourself to like something or dislike another just be natural and spontaneous ! 

Quotes :

Well that was everything for today ! Bye for now ! Love you all πŸ˜‰ See you next time πŸŽ‰


15 thoughts on “No Filter : Be Original !”

  1. Fantastic quotes! I always believe that I am unique in this world, there was nobody like me before & there will never be someone like me forever, this very own thought makes me feel proud & exciting !!

    Liked by 1 person

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