101 Random thoughts #4 

She closed her eyes and stepped in

To the gloomy dark upstairs room

She turns on the lights

Just an empty room 

Nobody was in there

But a familiar voice 

Of an 80’s song tape 

She turns left and right


But no one was there

Only….memories of her glory days

That black and white picture 

….on the wall 

She gets it now !

Only memories can survive

When people leave

Only Their desperate spirits can survive

Leaving is not always the end

But sometimes…

The introduction for…

The best chapter of all time 

Leaving is not always bad

Not always because of hate …

But maybe because they had to go !

When coming back is always an option

“Few months…maybe years ! 

My friend!!

And we will discuss our starting point

And where we are now beneath 

The sparkling sunshine “…

She reads… a note on the wall near 

the window where she sleeps

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