My favourite fashion trends of all time !!!

Heyo everyone!! Hello my beautiful people! Welcome or welcome back to my mini blogging space!! I hope that you are doing great and enjoying this summer break and having fun !!! Well, yeah this post is going to be a little too much of a style…kinda fashion post ! So yeah ! If you want to know more about what is going to be about…please keep reading!!! Well,let’s just get started !

So every single day there will be bunch of some new trends on the way ! But only few can survive to the next day,Month,year !! In this post I will be listing some of my all time favourite trends ! Well,I think this is it ! Let’s jump straight to my list !!!! 

          1-The white Sneakers :

The white sneakers trend is just one of my super duper favourite trends of all time !! Like literally they make everything… like every single outfit look better!! So yeah ! I am so in love with this trend !!!


I love chokers !! Chokers are just amazing! You can throw on a simple T-shirt and just wear a choker ! That way you’ll look better and more put together! I don’t know about you guys! But personally,I think chokers make the person look more presentable and stylish without trying so hard ! 

             3-The Fishnet tights:

OMG !!…. My favourite 2017 fashion trend so far !! I just love the way they make the outfit look !! So stylish,so pretty and so trendy tho !!

              4-OverSized Tops :

Over-sized tops are literally “cute” !! Like really I’m so into the oversized tops…like everything …Also,oversized Sweaters,Coats and hoodies !! So random I know ! But really I love the way they look on people and personally I don’t think I will push away this trend like any time soon ! It’s just one of my super favs! 

 5- High waisted boyfriend Jeans :

Ok ! High waisted boyfriend jeans ! I see them like everywhere ..on pinterest boards,instagram everywhere… !!BOOM!!YEAH!! ..they are just taking over social media !! ….Well,They are just some pretty jeans out there !! Don’t you think so ? 

So yeah ! These were so me like these were some of my all time favourite trends out there !! What about you guys ! What are your favourite fashion trends so far ? Well,thank you so much guys for reading this !! Love you all !! Bye for now and I’ll see you soon !! Take care! Bye!!!

                            Naly 💕

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