Stargaze : A Note to Self.

Dear Me,

Hey again… I hope you’re doing fine ! Long time no self chat ! Am I wrong ?! least a written one!..  Oh yeah!…Written Confessions!… I know you’ve been through a lot ! Not really serious issues but well we both know you did !! You tried so hard to turn your weaknesses into strengths,to make your imperfections seem like perfections,and to turn your insecurities into areas that make you proud …it seem easy but… but I know for sure…It was never that easy ! Words really differ from actions … Please,don’t give up now ! And let all that hard word go down! Like it was never done ! You don’t want to waste your hard work you? You don’t want to go back to the scratch.. Do you? …it was a hard long journey of self improvement…please,keep up with the hard work to be the person you’ve ever dreamed to be ! It’s not the right time to step back ! It’s not the right time to give up ! You’re not there yet ! Not seeking for perfection but seeking for the imperfect perfection  An imperfect perfect Me ! So please go back to work and take care of yourself more : eat well like really well,workout,relax,have fun,enjoy….yes go and prove yourself that you can…that you are able to progress even further… You want to live and enjoy your life to the fullest…don’t you? I know you do! You want that kind of life so bad ! What are you waiting for?….go for it !…NOW!!!! And remember ! I’ll be here ! Always here ! So ,please ….Don’t you dare think of going back then ! 

                     .       Naly 😘

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