I’m back!…Life update

Heyo everyone!!!! welcome or welcome back to my blog !!!!Long time no see!!! O! I missed ya all …like really guys I MISSED YOU!!! I Hope you missed me too…Have I been missed?!!…Haha!!!…Anyways!!! In case you were wondering about the reason why I was absent for more than a month!!! ( Hope you did ^^). Well… I took a break from blogging during Mars …OK! Ok!!. why would a new blogger take a break just few months after her debut as a blogger?!!! Well ,I know this may sound weird but, I wanted to kinda start fresh !!because, after the first semester’s exams…I felt like I need to take break from kinda all my commitments because I felt soooo tired …okey that was Exhausting!  YES!!! The pressure was so heavy!! I mean to keep up with my blog,take care of myself(skin care,body,health) ,university(homeworks,Exams, tests…),social life ,social media and studying foreign languages and other stuffs…There was no way to feel relaxed or less anxious… It felt like torture…like literally my psychological,mental and physical’s battery was Dead!!!! So I wanted to kinda recover during spring’s break… So I focused on that!!! And now that I’m feeling way better …or just GREAT!!! I guess I’m so ready to back on track!!!!Also,I think I’ve found new sources of inspiration which means…I got plenty of new post topics’ideas….Moreover,I’ve decided that I will be posting at least 2 posts per week …Yay!!!!! So please keep tuned to see my new updates!! Bye for now and I’ll see you in my next post!!!! Bye!!!

                                     With love,

                                                  NALY 💕

13 thoughts on “I’m back!…Life update”

  1. Glad you’re back girl!! It indeed important to sometimes take a step back and decide for ourselves what is more important. There is only so much time in a day… It’s not always easy! Yay for getting back into blogging!! xoxo Sarah

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    1. Thank you so much 😉💕dear !!! And yes!!Exacly… You are so right! Because taking a step back in order to reorganize our lives can really help us to evaluate and improve ourselves …so yes! Such moments are way too important.

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