My winter morning routine

Heyo everyone!!!! Welcome back to my blog.I hope you are all doing sooo well!!!In this post I thought it would be fun to share a post that has something to do with my daily life . So, I decided to do a post about my daily routines . Well …in this particular post I’d share with you guys my winter morning routine….yay!!!!

Well…let’get started!!!!

  • 1• I wake up at 5:10 in the morning… Well,the alarm does this job 🕓 ! Then, I fix my bed hair in a pony tail (or a messy bun…I love doing that!)…next,it’s time to get up and clean up my bed!! 


    • 2• I go straight to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth and do my quick skin care morning routine…yeah! That’s it (I am a night shower person🛁.).            
    • 3• I pray .
    • 4•  Breakfast time🍩☕🍳🍓!!! I go directly to the kitchen to have my breakfast ….of course I’ll check out my instagram,Facebook,WordPress…. Ect ,while eating!!
    • 5•Next,I go back to my room in order to put some makeup on and stuff… Currently I am in love with the no makeup makeup look.
    • 6• Once I’m done,I go to pick up an outfit👖👕👗…shoes👟👠…accessories 👜⌚👓( usually a wrist watch⌚).
    • 7• Finally,I spray on some parfume …and ta-da!! here I go!!! Ready to leave the house.(usually at 6:30 because I need to catch the bus 🚃).!!!!!!

      So yeah!!! That was my current winter morning routine!!! I hope you enjoyend reading it!!!… bye👋 for now and see in my next post!!!

                                                With love,


        31 thoughts on “My winter morning routine”

          1. Haha! It’s because of college!! You know I need to catch the bus, have breakfast ,get ready know ..many things to do!! Thank you so much for passing by !!! Can’t wait for summer too !!!😍

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