My 5 ways to get longer eyelashes!!

     Hello there!Hi everyone!!!! I hope you are all doing great!! Well,today’s post is going to be about few simple steps👣 that will help you to get long eyelashes in a short period of time⌚ …based on my personal experience😇.If you want to know more ,keep reading📰 because it is the only way to know ;)!

1-Castor oil:

Applying Castor oil on your eyelashes is literally the best way to get longer eyelashes in a short period of time ,so if you are impatient… Well, this is the right choice for you!

❇For impressive results✨.. all you need is applying a small amount of it on your eyelashes every night before going to bed!! and in the next morning … You will be amazed🌠,YUP,you will notice a slight difference starting from day 1☑.

❇Don’t stop using it until you get your dream length.

2-Olive oil:

Olive Oil is one of my favourite magical ingredients, it is 💯℅natural and beneficial.

So,before you fall asleep 😴apply carefully some olive oil on your eyelashes.

❇Keep doing that until you get your dream eyelashes 👊✌!! 


Although,it may sound weird but,trying two lays of a warm milk on your eyelashes everyday,twice a day for 5 minutes each time… Will make a huge difference 👍.

4-Avoid using the waterproof mascara

Well,it is true that the waterproof mascara stays there the whole day and looks good on our eyelashes.


-is it long lasting mascara?

⚪yes! ☺

-is it good for our eyelashes!!?

⚪Unfortunately …NO !😥

Well, the waterproof mascara hurts our eyelashes so makes our natural eyelashes short and not healthy at ALL!

So ,avoid using such mascara everyday. However, it is OK👌 to use it in special occasions as an example …but NEVER  everyday. 

5-Give your eyelashes break from makeup ❌

Avoid applying mascara every single day…And makeup in general .Personally, I don’t really wear makeup everyday❎.

Well,these were my top steps to get full long and healthy eyelashes..i hope you’ll like them and find them useful too.

If you know other tricks please let me know in the comments down bellow!

                            With love,NALY. 💕

6 thoughts on “My 5 ways to get longer eyelashes!!”

    1. Hhh I agree 👍…that’s why you need to be very careful when you apply them especially the olive oil💡 !! But after all what matters the most are the good results..right!!😉

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