10 things to take care of…to boost your look!! 

Wanna improve your looks…keep reading!!!

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-New hair cut: choosing a haircut that suits your facial shape will surely improve your look.

-Hair care: All you need is shiny,healthy and smooth hair.


-Clear flawless skin is every girl’s dream

-Also whiter and smoother skin would be super cool.


Longer eyelashes will surely give you that feminine sparkle.


For me eyebrows are among the most important elements to take care of…whatever, so make sure to let them give a good impression about you,yet try to keep them natural with some fixing here and there to improve your look.

5-Chubbier cheeks:

Chubby cheeks will help to give you a cute, youth yet healthy look.

You can reach this look by practicing some facial exercises.


All you need:shiny, clean and well shaped nails.


For more feminine look:smooth,healthy and whiter hands …that’s all what you need.


Naturally shaped and whiter theeth will improve your smile

9-Makeup Routine:

Know your face well before applying makeup, in order to know what to show and what to cover…However,keep it simple and natural…and avoid the Halloween makeup look (in daily life).


For girls who wear hijab,changing your way of putting your scarf into another that suits your facial shape will surely boost your look.

For more tips,information… Comment down below.

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