My 5 brands’ wish list

 Hello there!!!hope you are all doing great!!!! 

I live in a country that is sooo… far from South Korea,yet I’m in love with their culture and of course I’m a big fan of the amazing makeup wave that is super trendy there.So here’s my 5 brands’ wish list that I really wanna give their products a try!!!

So let’s get started!!


  • As every girl,I think that pink is an attractive color,that’s why I find their collections :so adorable.Also,I’ve heard a lot about the professional touch of this brand.👗💄👛👝

2-Etude House:

It is my dream ,like literally …I’m in love with every single item I saw on Internet:skin care products,makeup,body care products…and so on.I wish that I would be able to try their products one day,because they combine both cuteness and the professional finish.💘💘💘💘


I really like their concept that comes from nature.Also,I like the idea that every item have a touch of natural and organ products….Inspiring…Right!!!💆💆

4-Too Cool For School:

WOW…their schoolish concept make it so cool to think of going to school wearing such makeup.Also,they are very careful in terms of making long lasting yet effective products…Too cool 4 school.😎😎😎

5-La neige:

I’ve heard that this brand is one of the super famous ones in South Korea,and that their products are doing great in the market.I saw reviews about their BB cushion and some other products…I really liked the… that was … AMAZING!!!💄💄💄💄

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ˜‰

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